by Hlynur Pálmason

A brother odyssey set in a rural chalk-mining community during a cold winter. We follow two brothers working in this harsh environment focusing on the younger brother Emil, who distills moonshine made from stolen chemicals from the factory. Emil is an outsider, an oddball, who made a conscious choice for loneliness and is only accepted by the mining community due to his older brother Johan. Emil

longs for passion, for being wanted and loved.

When a fellow worker becomes sick, the moonshine and Emil are prime suspects. Gradually a violent feud erupts between him and the tightly-knit mining community. Parallelly, Emil feels betrayed by his brother when he finds out that the neighbor girl Anna, the subject of his unfulfilled desires, chooses his older brother instead of him. Revenge, loneliness, and lack of love pervade this modern brother odyssey.




    Year: 2017

    Country: Denmark, Iceland

    Runtime:94 mins

    Color: Color

    Language: Danish, English

    Subtitles: English




    Julie Waltersdorph


    Per Damgaard Hansen

    Hlynur Pálmason


    Hlynur Pálmason

    Director of Photography :

    Maria Von Hausswolff


    Julius Krebs Damsbo


    Toke Brorson Odin

    Sound Design:

    Lars Halvorsen




    Elliott Crosset Hove

    Simon Sears

    Victoria Carmen Sonne

    Peter Plaugborg

    Lars Mikkelsen




    Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland

    -Best ActorElliott Crosset Hove

    -Europa Cinemas Label Hlynur Palmason

    -Junior Jury Award International Competition Hlynur Palmason

    - Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    New Horizons Film Festival, Poland

    Norwegian International Film Festival, Norway

    Toronto International Film Festival, Canada

    Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany

    Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland

    Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada

    CPH PIX, Denmark

    Haifa Film Festival, Israel

    London Film Festival, UK

    La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival, France

    Chicago International Film Festival, USA



    H l y n u r P á l m a s o n


    Hlynur Pálmason is as a visual artist and continued his career in filmmaking by pursuing education at the Danish National Film School. His graduation film, A Painter (2013), won best short film at Odense IFF, Reykjavík IFF and was nominated for The Danish Film Academy. His latest short film, Seven Boats (2014) premiered at Toronto

    IFF. His debut film Winter Brothers will premiere in the main competition in Locarno in 2017. Hlynur lives in Copenhagen with his fiancé and three children and is currently working on his second feature, A White, White Day, parallel with exhibiting art work and video installations.


    F I L M O G R A P H Y


    Winter Brothers, 2017, Feature

    Seven Boats, 2014, Short

    En Maler (A Painter), 2013, Short

    En Dag Eller To (A Day Or Two), 2012, Short


    The process of caulking in its narrative gaps might be frustrating for some, and there are certainly flourishes, such as Emil’s magic tricks, that don’t seem to add anything but another knot to the tangle. But while we may not always know what Pálmason means, there’s the undeniable sense that _he_ does, and mostly, that’s enough to add up to an impressively original, auspiciously idiosyncratic debut. - Variety, Jessica Kiang


    The film was created on location (written, rehearsed, and with the editor on set) as per a methodology of immersion dear to visual artist turned filmmaker Pálmason. An expatriate in Denmark, Pálmason seemingly reproduces in his work a process of electing a new place and making it his own, after stripping it from too recognizable attributes. And indeed, an acute sense of space and texture (ice, chalk, wood) helps involve us in the ritualistic life that so maddens Emil. - Cinema Scope,  Aurélie Godet


    Chilly scenes of workplace discord dominate Winter Brothers (Vinterbrodre), a confidently handled, promisingly edgy feature debut from Copenhagen-based, Icelandic writer-director Hlynur Palmason... While impressive in parts, the picture oscillates between the profitably enigmatic and the frustratingly obtuse. -The Hollywood Reporter, Neil Young







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