by Denis Côté

The latest feature film by Québécois filmmaker Denis Côté (CARCASSES, CURLING, VIC + FLO SAW A BEAR), BORIS WITHOUT BEATRICE is a morality tale with fairy-tale inflections that focuses on Boris Malinovsky, an affluent, successful businessman who comports himself with an extreme degree of pride and arrogance. When his wife, a Minister of the Canadian Government, is rendered nearly catatonic by a mysterious depression, it triggers a series of events that brings Boris to the point of professional, personal, and even existential crisis. His attempts to repair his relationships with his wife and estranged daughter are complicated by his affair with a colleague, and the dangerous relationship that develops with his young housekeeper. And to make matters worse, Boris has to contend as well with an enigmatic, threatening, and uncannily all-knowing figure, played – with typical relish and theatrical flair – by the great Denis Lavant. BORIS WITHOUT BEATRICE is at once a sharply observed character study, an unsparing portrait of the moneyed classes, and an audaciously dark fable.




    Year: 2016

    Country: Canada

    Runtime: 93 mins

    Color: Color

    Language: French

    Subtitles: English



    Executive Producer

    Michel Merkt


    Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant


    Denis Côté


    Denis Côté

    Director of Photography

    Jessica Lee Gagné

    Edited by:

    Nicolas Roy

    Sound Design

    Frédéric Cloutier

    Music :

    Ghislain Poirier

    Art Direction :

    Louisa Schabas


    Audray Adam

    Costumes :

    Caroline Bodson




    Boris Malinovsky :

    James Hyndman

    Beatrice Malinovsky :

    Simone-Elise Girard

    L’inconnu :

    Denis Lavant

    Klara :

    Isolda Dychauk

    Helga :

    Dounia Sichov

    Justine Malinovsky :

    Laetitia Isambert-Denis

    Prime Minister of Canada :

    Bruce Labruce

    Pauline Malinovsky :

    Louise Laprade


    Comedy of social privilege that remains rather closer to the bourgeois melodrama it is sending off. The coldness of Cotê staging is both the film’s point and limit. Casting Denis Lavant as Boris' jury, judge and executioner is a plus as well.

    Letterboxd: Filipe Furtado


    Beautiful to look at, the film showcases Côté’s talents at building tone and theme through images and sounds. Not as relatable as his previous films, Boris sans Béatrice challenges rather than caters to audience preconceptions – for better and for worse.

    The Globe and Mail: Justine Smith


    “Denis Côté’s latest film is a visually striking look at one man's unchecked privilege.”

    - C.J. Prince,



    - David Fear, Rolling Stone


    "Cote’s film is consistently interesting ... Boris Without Beatrice is visually assured."

    - Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily


    “ Like Côté's best work, this morality play is challenging and utterly original.”

    - Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette







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    Melbourne International Film Festival

    New Horizons Film Festival

    AFI Fest

    Taipei Film Festival

    Hong Kong International Film Festival






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